The power of a virtual studio
The strength of a network

Put together your team of 3D artists

Optimize your workflow

Facilitate the reviewing process

A collaborative real-time solution for your 3D projects

A virtual studio, secured and modular, which allows you to work alone or with a team on your 3D projects.


A simple environment
you control

The creation team

Realie allow you to manage a large spectrum of project, alone or in a team. You can easily add suited artists to the current project, in order to speed up your production.

Collaborators' intervention

A project requires back-and-forth between the creation team and the outside world. Coders, directors and clients can be a part of your project.

Separated applications that communicate

Whether you're working alone or in a team, your needs won't be the same. The workflow is yours, Realie adapts by integrating the applicaton you need, just when you need it.

Stay focused on creation thanks to the collaborative features of Realie

With Realie's virtual studio, every 3D artist has a solution to get him through the creation process, every tool you need to oversee your project is right next to you, where you need it. No jumping from one service to another !


  • Kanban
  • Retroplanning
  • Contacts
  • Spreadsheet
  • Diagrams
  • Text editor

Production & Delivering

  • File sharing
  • Album
  • Drawing tool
  • Brainstorming


  • Image reviewing
  • Video reviewing

Virtual studios in a nutshell

Creating your project only requires a few clicks.

Your virtual studio is available immediately.

Invite your collaborators to participate.

Clients, hierarchy, everyone involved in production.

Organize your production in well-defined tasks and assign them.

Each artist knows exactly what he is supposed to do.

Write together with our text editor.

Real-time writing is perfect for group work.

Follow your project's progress in real-time.

Browse through all the applications.

Video reviewing is made in real-time on Realie.

Communicate efficiently with your team and collaborators.

All your files are stored in our cloud.

Your production is finished, the client can download it directly from Realie.

Find a 3D artist

You have a 3D project ? You want to expand your creative team ?
A great artist is available among our members
Realie gives you two ways to find this gem :

The right artist at the right time

Several ways are available on Realie to help you find the ideal artist that fits your needs.
Let's talk about it.

Oz Corporation - Black Rainbow by Julien Peronnet after effects
Oz Corporation - Black Rainbow
2 5 0
Abraca by Damien Levaufre
0 10 0
Minimal House by Agathole
Minimal House
1 11 0
Grammophone - web 3D by Nicolas Charmel webgl grammophone
Grammophone - web 3D
3 74 0
Android Video by me
Android Video
2 58 0
A Clumsy Adventure by Blackant Master Studio
A Clumsy Adventure
5 23 0
Jet Fighter Helmet by Aurélien Peronnet
Jet Fighter Helmet
2 40 0
Turret TF3 by Vincle3D
Turret TF3
1 28 0
Goliathus by Maxime Galland zeit maxime galland 3dsmax sci-fi cartoon
1 40 0
Soar by Gilles Anziani Fille Pilote
1 66 0

Our member's creations

Our platform allows each artist to showcase his work, his projects and his career.
Come check them out.

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